Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kairos Time - Course Correction Imminent - Prophet Shawn

I believe 'we' are now in a season of 'course correction' ... the trajectory of lives, earlier in their journey, minutely strayed off course ... as a result, today, our positioning is significantly out of divine
alignment & our HS-GPS is registering a WARNING, that continued progression along this current trajectory WILL severely diminish our being in a position of the 'perfect' positioning God desires ... continuing will equate to that of simply an 'acceptable or good' positioning...

I hear in my heart that 'course correction' is HIGHLY encouraged and extremely beneficial in this moment and season ... however, this choice belongs to each individual personally ... there will be NO forced change ... this season is about personal responsibility & accountability ... it is a time to enact our will, humble ourselves & evaluate from within, IF our positioning is in need of course correction ... this information will become immediately discernible from a position of personal humility, reflection & re-evaluation.

What is your purpose? What passion within you has been compromised & set aside b/c of what was deemed acceptable and good over that which was deemed 'perfect'? In running your race, when and where did you become side-tracked & get off the initial trajected course?

This is a "kairos" time of 'course correction'. The trajectory of your purpose & meaning in life is in need of re-evaluation from a position of face-down humility and contemplation. What is 'good' and 'acceptable' has perhaps 'stolen' what is 'perfect' or the highest best God has desire for you to walk in.

Course corrections can be difficult, however, a necessity for utmost well-being & divine purposeful meaning & fulfillment. Truly, this is a perfect opportunity for a 'quantum leap' of divine proportions ... move towards the direction of alignment & you will activate a power to energize your decision & maximize a recalibration of trajectory that will certainly propel you into a place of absolute divine alignment to HIS will, plan, purpose and destiny such that you forego what is simply acceptable and good to what is infinitely perfect ....

It is   Y O U R choice, Y O U R decision, Y O U R empowerment to act - once you set your heart to C H A N G E, all of heaven will support & propel your trajectory to that which is infinitely, perfectly aligned. The journey will begin maximum acceleration for launch!

N O T H I N G shall be impossible   - N O T H I N G shall ever be the same again!

See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you. Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing

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