Thursday, December 13, 2012

Detriot is a Harbinger of where America is Headed... Barbara Yoder

I read this article about the sad parallels between Detroit's fate and the track the USA is on.

I was reminded of a word brought by Barbara Yoder.  I looked back in History to Chuck Pierce's newsletter in which he relates the word.

I have always felt we were to watch Detroit! In the early 90’s the Spirit of God told me that what went into the city was a sign of where our nation really was! Barbara Yoder wrote the following:
I plowed very thoroughly through your messages from July, powerful and so right on, the ones you gave in Michigan. I have dissected them so that I gain the revelation as well as the direction to see them through.  The phenomenal part of it, as well as what you have been saying for years is that Time Magazine has bought a house in Detroit, in the city, and has journalists living there for the next year to chronicle the death or resurrection of Detroit. Fortune has joined along with, I believe, Money Magazine, but Time initiated it and is taking the leadership. The Oct 5 cover of Time was Detroit. Basically they are saying that Detroit is a picture of where the nation is going to land, so as Detroit goes, so goes the nation. Detroit will lead the way. That is the incredible part. They are saying that Detroit is mirroring where the nation is going to end up. You can check it out online, both at and  They outlined 4 key issues that brought about the demise of Detroit; I added the last two:
  1. Auto industry failure to shift even though as long ago as the 60’s they knew they were to change. (Energy efficient issue)
  2. Corruption which includes unions but throughout government and business
  3. Political control and protectionism  
  4. Racism
  5. Church’s agreement with all of the above—Time didn’t identify this but if you know Detroit, this issue is so clear.
  6. Division between city and suburbs as a result of 3 and 4. 

I would love to prophesy that things are going to be OK, that things are going to work out, that we will turn things around. I have not received that word. Unless we repent of the evil we have embraced as a nation we are doomed to become what we see in Detroit. It takes a very hard shock to bring a nation (or a city like Detroit) to her knees. That shock must first come.

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