Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The GOLD STANDARD - Mary Ann Foutz

Last week for a good part of the week I kept hearing GOLD STANDARD... . It is tangibly with me still. I know now that He was not referring to a worldly measurement but a KINGDOM one! I measure the hearts of men by My refining process. I test, I prove, I solidify in the crucible the silver and My ultimate desire, the gold. I know this process is hard and I watch as many of you spurn and question my Love through it, all the while My focus of enduring Love is Set on My Sons and Daughters. It is I who keep you! The test that takes My servants, My prophets beyond knowing by the flesh to knowing and being known by the Spirit. It is in the crucible of testing that My chararcter and likeness are forged. I form each vessel uniquely. No two are the same in My Kingdom. Some have attempted to jump off the wheel as they are being pushed down, shaped and formed.Through the spinning process on the Potter's wheel, many have thought, "Is there any end in sight, I cannot even focus in this place?" My Grace is sufficient and My strength perfect in weakness. …you have been tested to bring forth My Glory, no two tests are the same and I give individually what is needed to shape and mold. I am breaking pride off of My people and I am breaking control off of my people, I'm breaking self-sufficiency off of My people. I am breaking fear off of My people. I need ones who are holy and wholly mine. The process is easier with the degree of submission to it. No chastening for the present is joyful but the fruit in the end is My peace, My rightoeusness built within. Many have been trained for this very special day before I receive My sons, I am Pouring out My Spirit and am bringing the hearts of men to a place of seeing their need. Though trials shall increase in the World, My tested ones shall be ready to give to each one who asks of them the hope that lies within them. Turning many to rightousness who in turn will bring many in to My Kingdom. I say to you this day, stay in this place that I have you, stay as you are placed in the Glory Kiln of My Love, trust me in this place. I am bring forth My GOLD STANDARD within you so that you will reflect My Way in sincerity and truth of Who I truly Am!

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Irene B said...

Thanks for posting this, it is very encouraging. Where can I read more of Mary Ann Foutz' writings?