Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Jesus did... WE Should DO

Too much of what passes for "Christianity" is simply humans imposing their bias and personal morality on WHAT WOULD JESUS DO.

We have distorted the Gospel of Jesus by trying hard to fit our fleshly square peg in Jesus' Holy Ghost round hole.

What we don't do is look at what Jesus actually DID. What he taught. What he stood up for and against. The "Nice" christian ideal is destroying the Church of Jesus and robbing the world of her witness.

The list is LONG. What I list below is NOT exhaustive. It is simply behaviors and attitudes that Jesus demonstrated and taught to those who walked with Him. IF we are walking with Jesus, let's learn from Him:

  • A group of men were about to stone a woman for adultery. Jesus steps in and stops them.
  • Religious leaders burdened the people with useless mandates. Jesus calls them snakes.
  • Some Clergy considered themselves above others. Jesus called them phony tombs.
  • People were heartless because of religious traditions. Jesus tells them of a good Samaritan.
  • People were robbing people in the name of religious tradition. Jesus puts them out of business in the Temple
  • Some cities were hostile to Jesus teaching. Jesus pronounced a bad end. Luke 10:33
  • People that martyred others for their faith were cursed with destruction BY JESUS. Matthew 22:34-36
  • Jesus said those who harm little children should be drown with a millstone around their neck. Matt 18:6
  • The Bible is FULL of condemnations of those who shed innocent blood.
The question is this, what should a Christian do in response to the evil that is radical Islam today in the earth. I think much of what we HAVE DONE is futile and empty. We have not called evil evil. We have not called good evil, but we have been fuzzy on this. We do not recognize the demonic influence that holds our world captive. Jesus NEVER negotiated with or compromised with Demons. Nor should we. They must be cast out. They must be sent into pigs and over the cliff.

The documentation of this evil will turn your stomach. It will anger you. I hope it will take you off that fence you sit upon. There is no more middle ground. Those who hold sincerely to the Islamic faith and follow the peaceful intentions of the Koran are misled and need Jesus. Those who take the teachings of the Koran to murder, decapitate, burn, stab and destroy are Demons in human skin. There is no quarter that JESUS ever gave them. In view of this, WHAT DID Jesus do?

What should we then do?

It's high time Christians recognized the warfare we are in and stop proclaiming peace peace where there is no peace. We must proclaim the Gospel message boldly, but if it's rejected let's do as Jesus did and let them go as he did with the Rich Young Ruler. The Holy Spirit MUST be involved in every single conversion or it's just intimidation.

Time to start acting like the Master. Heal the Sick, Disciple as you go about, but speak boldly against the Evil among us.


Ron McK said...

Be careful.
Jesus never treated any person as a demon in a human skin.

Gene said...

We have been silent too long. I see desperate attempts by christian leaders to mollify the radicals. Maybe if we don't take a stand they will leave us alone.

Did yo look at the website. Have you seen the videos?

This IS a demonic act. It's rampant. God dealt pretty harshly with peoples who acted like this in the Old Testament.

Jesus is GOD.

SO, kinda he did.

OK< I'm stretching things.

BUT, the Body of Christ is being made irrelevant by it's silence.

denise g said...

thats the scary thing,,, are we gerting too religious instead of getting busy doing outreaches to the poor and broken,,,,back to amos the social worker prophet,,,,,being a voice for the voiceless so rant