Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the Prophetic is saying about the USA economy.

On Kelly's blog there is a review of prophetic words regarding the economy. Interesting read.

I also received the David Wilkerson Letter yesterday. He has been prophesying economic collapse for a very long time.

One theme that exists in all the prophetic utterances is that our dependence has to be on Jesus and trust in HIM and not ourselves.

This will be a tough time for many, if you are a Christian, your faith is about to be refined by fire. It's a time for faith, not fear.

This will be a wild ride. It is also essential. At the beginning of this year I believe I heard the Lord Say:
Deep examination of the corporate bought and paid for government we have today will reveal the cancer that exists in high places today. Pray for the exposure to happen without partisan politics as part of the discussion. God is about to shine his light into this dark area. Banking organizations, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies will be exposed for the ungodly influence they have had. There has been an un-Godly effort to pervert justice in the land. The father is going to do some house cleaning in this area.
2008 will be a painful difficult year for many. I do not see a direct attack from our enemies in 2008.
I believe I heard the Lord correctly.

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Anonymous said...

Gene, are you reading my blog again :)!

May the Lord give us peace in this time of upheaval!!