Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wall Street isn't Main Street

I am always aware when fear seems to prevail over faith. Right now all the news you can consume has mostly to do with promoting fear.

This whole debacle you see on Wall Street, as important as it is to so many people isn't about your life. Yes, if you have a great deal of money in the market you have been hurt.

I inquired of the Lord what this all means to the Christian living his or her life up and down the street and what encouragement as a Prophet I could be.

Here's what I have heard the Lord say:
This is a cleansing, a removal of idols, a reformation of a failed system.
What happens in the spiritual, is being reflected in the natural: tearing down huge institutions that try to control events, profit from them, and become bloated with leadership. Like much of the church of today is happening on Wall Street.
The attempts to save these institutions are for the most part wasted efforts, appears to help for a little while, but ultimately the weight of failure takes them down.

The reality in the spirit is your spiritual life is not dependant on if the church or denomination of which you are a part does or does not do whatever seems to be right in their own eyes. If a pastor or priest fails you may be hurt but not harmed.

The same is the reality of your economic life. If all the Wall Street firms went bust tomorrow your life would go on. Yes, short credit would hurt, but in the end this is not about Wall Street for you, this is about Main Street.

I think of a Blogger acquaintance who lives on a farm in North Dakota. She is not affected in the end by what happens to Merrill Lynch or AIG. Her life will go on. She will not miss meals or live in fear because of all this.

Nor should you.

The admonition of Jesus still holds. Fear Not.

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