Tuesday, March 31, 2020

He knows you and he fears you

The enemy always knows when things are about to turn.  He is not attacking all forms of Christian activity.  Some is over the top in your face. I love Rodney Howard-Browne, but sometimes restraint is your friend.  He didn't show much.

His arrest and position while admirable and understandable,  is not the way.  We must be in submission to authorities as the word talks about. If this had been in ancient Jerusalem and this happened, they would already be dead.

This is a time for the church to walk thru the open door that the Lord has opened.  People need God and in this time of fear, we know the one they need.  Show them.  But.. do so with the anointing that it requires.

There are frontal attacks on the name of Christ and his causes.  Recently the Greensboro NC police arrested 7 people outside an abortion mill.  They were spaced 6' apart. Not loud.  Just Praying.
This crisis is causing all kinds of aberrant behavior as the devil and his demons go into full attack mode.  We must be prepared and we must let the world know.

Read all about this here.

Remember that when the devil comes in, the Lord like a FLOOD raises up a standard against him.  Be the flood.

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