Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Future History - we will enter into a recession --- BUT

Right now many men's hearts are failing them for fear.  If you say to someone, "TAKE HEART", sometimes that heart fails them.  That is the meaning of the phrase.

Here are some prophetic insights for a believer at this time:

Trust the Lord first. He is the only one worthy of your faith.  The concern is there is a tendency to trust in man, economists, Presidents, Politicians, Capitalism and the USA.   There is a distorted worship spirit that causes many to focus on the arm of man rather than the arm of God.

It is reassuring to have competent leaders and systems, but they will disappoint us.  They always do. This is a time to face the warfare we are in.  Things are going to change and won't return to what it was in January 2020.  Things have changed globally forever.   We will never get back to the way is was... ever.  In some ways it will be better as I will explain.

I could warn of dangers, there are many.   The enemy of your soul is using his position in the media, entertainment and the culture in general to discourage you. I would rather offer you a view into the future so you are prepared.

The whole world is hurt badly by this crisis.  This will be a drag on any attempt to return to normalcy.  No matter what the government and politicians do, it will be temporary. The economy will suffer badly for at 8  months.  As the world economy begins to return to life, the North American Economy will revive most and faster.  This will take two years to get well.  Again, not to back to what it was, to something different.

Pay no real attention to the equity markets.   They are a harbinger, the real economy lags the markets  by a long time.  So as you see the markets suffering, there will be a recession to follow.  When you see the market recover the economy will lag that revival.  You won't feel it for a while.  It is a 3 month lag at the shortest.

Many people will be out of work for a long time.   Trades people will do the best.  Office and administrative people will not.  This is the time for compassion and love.  Stay in touch with friends and family.  Our approach to these kinds of events in pandemics will be a new normal.

This event will generate a new approach that is common sense.  Life will be seen as a risk.. and the cost of ameliorating the risk will be reassessed as the lessons of this pandemic's global effects are felt.  We have all heard safety first.  Yet at what price?  We will understand that not everything that can be done should be done.  Life if fragile, but life is also a gift.  Medical science can help, but it is still appointed unto man once to die.  We will as a nation, as a culture begin to think of Saftey Third.

Here are some ways the landscape will change.  Several retail enterprises other than the giants like Target and Walmart will suffer.  J C Penny, Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond will cease to exist.  So will millions of very small enterprises.  Restaurants will be rare as we knew them.  Outdoor eating when possible will thrive.  Theaters in all forms will close.  A few survive but very few.  Sporting events will suffer.  Pay per view  will become a norm as ticket sales dry up.

Our habits as  a culture with social distancing will not change for a long time. 

What of the House of God, Churches.  This will be a trajedy.  While they may be allowed to reopen again, attendance will shrink. 

So what does that have to do with any move of God in the USA and beyond.  There will be one, but it will be organic and small.

The changes coming are not tragic.  They may be changes that have been needed for a long time. We will be less spectator driven and more involvement driven.  God isn't going away, but we will meet him more on our own than in a crowd, concert of convention. 

What the world will look like is going to be very different.  Life and death will become a measure.  We are making some mistakes.. but there will be lessons learned. 

Stay strong, trust God and be eternally ready.

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