Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Word of the Lord for 2016

As I waited on God for a word for the year 2016, I heard this from Matthew 5:8

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

Suddenly I knew this was the word for the coming year.  A year for many who will see God and a year for others who blinded by impure hearts and satan's schemes will stumble in the Darkness.

This is not a works event in 2016.  You will have to examine your own heart until you begin to see God. Only the pure in heart can see Him.

Here is what the Lord is saying:

There is ever increasing impurity and corruption in the hearts of men.  Yet there is an increase in those who seek Me.  They shall see Me.  I am coming like a flood in My Spirit.

In the wars and rumors of wars in the world, you will not moan as others do, but will see the shaking I make to bring men and women unto Myself.  You will SEE ME do this thru eyes of faith.

In the riots, protests and anger against injustice the hearts of those who are pure will be revealed, also revealed will be those who are NOT of Me, those used of your enemy to corrupt hearts that may at one time have been pure.  Only the pure in heart will be able to see MY hand.

In those in authority the enemy seeks to cause division and discouragement as lawlessness increases.  You will see Me as I move agaist your enemy to bring honor and submission according to My word.

Here are 40 ways you can SEE Father GOD in 2016 as you purify your hearts:

  1. See God as He reveals the plan for your life in 2016.  He has a plan and He is revealing it to the pure in heart.
  2. See God as He opens new opportunities for provision and prosperity for your life.  He means to do good for those who are pure in heart. 
  3. See God as He not only the promise but in the results He brings to you in fulfilled prophecies from the past in 2016
  4. See God as He HELPS you when you thought there was no help.  When you decided you were thru.. He will come thru and help you once again.. His eye is on the sparrow and it's on YOU.
  5. See God as He not only reveals the call on your life in a greater way, and confirms it, but He will make a way for the manifestation of the call of God on YOU
  6. See God as he moves those things from the past year into the rear view mirror.  Into the place where forgetfulness drowns. 
  7. See God as He shows you his great pleasure in YOU and your life.  It's about Whose you are, not who you are. 
  8. See God as He prepares a place for you in eternity but as you live here on earth he is preparing a place here for you as well.  When you are under His kingship you never live alone, you always have a HOLY roommate and in that you are never homeless
  9. See God as He changes the season of your life.  As you still see winter he is preparing a spring when the birds sing his song and the blooms come forth setting fruit in the summer and bearing much in the harvest of your season
  10. See God as He restores those things in your life that you had decided were never going to be made whole again, the sin and humanity that constantly torments you in your flesh.. see Him as he overwhelms your spirit with HIS
  11. See God as He opens your eyes to supernatural things, things that in earlier days you could not see or that you decided were coincidence.  As you are pure in heart you see those things better and better.  Open eyes and see the angelic hosts all around you as God opens them.
  12. See God as He brings you back on track, in ways that you thought you could never get back to.  That track is waiting for you.  He never left you.. He's waiting to get you going the direction you veered from in the past.
  13. See God as He manifests things in your life in 2016 that are above and more than you right now can ask or think.  more than you imagine.  He is saying dream one size larger than you dreamed before and then dream again one size larger.
  14. See God as He unveils your today, not dwelling on the past for that is now gone, not considering too much in the future for that is still an un-cashed check, but enjoying the more than enough of today.
  15. See God as He brings you out of the wilderness and crosses you over into a land prepared for you in your calling.  The giants are no match for you as you enter into the place prepared.
  16. See God as He lays before you a giant staircase of promotion.  Take each step.  As you watch Him move, don't try to leap too many steps ahead.. for He can only give you little by little.  One step.  Take that step.  Then another.
  17. See God as He changes certain directions you have been heading and corrects your course for 2016. 
  18. See God as He creates  a hunger in your heart for obedience to fulfill his desires that takes you somewhere away from the nowhere land you have resided in too long.
  19. See God as He strengthens you where you are weak.  There is much more for your to grow into.  You aren't done yet.  The Lord is your strength.
  20. See God as He makes you whole nothing broken nothing missing in your blessings to come in 2016
  21. See God as He brings you to higher highs in faith in HIM.  He responds to faith when one pure in heart moves. 
  22. See God as He removes burdens from you that you thought were yours to carry forever. They aren't.  He will take it from here.
  23. See God in He manifests provision of healing and wholeness in ways you never understood before.
  24. See God as He manifests his peace in your life during the rage of the storm. Shalom Shalom.. HIS PEACE given to you.. not like the world, real peace.
  25. See God as He lays His supernatural hand in you in Love, in direction and sometimes in Correction.  Never fear.. He knows the way.  He sees the end from the beginning and is bringing you to an expected end.
  26. See God as He manifests himself thru His sons and Daughters on the earth.  You will see them in new ways you never knew before.  You will see Him in action at the hand of those called by His name.. Sons and Daughters.
  27. See God as He exposes dead works, foolish works, myths, lies, old wives tales.  He is bringing you into a greater life of truth and wisdom as you remain pure in heart.
  28. See God as He works miracles thru your hands when you are placed in his purposes
  29. See God as He opens the mysteries of the future thru prophetic dreams and visions for those pure in heart.
  30. See God as He reveals who is and is not a Son or a Daughter.  Those in sheep's clothing will soon be stripped bare.
  31. See God as He raises up new leaders in the Body of Christ, some will be old leaders in age but new in vision. Some will be young in age but with a fresh vision.  Calebs and young Davids will work hand in hand to bring the expansion of the Kingdom.
  32. See God as He brings about radical changes in government in justice.  The unjust judge and those in authority without his permission will be brought low.
  33. See God as He acts in your behalf against injustice.  He will do battle for you even when you sleep.
  34. See God as He exposes those around you for the guile that is in their hearts.  Don't be surprised when those you thought were for you are exposed.  It's the chastisement of the Lord.  Embrace it and see God.
  35. See God as He shines the light of His Holiness on circumstance, situation and people around you revealing them for what and who they are - don't regret those things you are called out from as your remain pure in heart.
  36. See God as He rebukes the works of darkness in your life without damage to you
  37. See God as He continues to invade entertainment.  Those things that were formerly kept away from the children of God are now open to you.  Take your place.
  38. See God as He moves on Government in 2016
  39. See God as He causes situations and event that expand his Kingdom.  He never wastes anything many deem tragic.. it is at those places when his Glory is revealed.
  40. See God as He uses His called ones to move in confidence in business and the workplace
I see these things coming to pass in 2016:
  • Economic stability will increase for a time but a crisis of some magnitude will once again occur.. before the election, like in 2008.  It is justice (an adjustment).
  • World wide instability will become less of a problem.  Wars and rumors will subside.
  • Many great leaders of the past secular and spiritual will pass in 2016, more than in the past few years.  There will be mourning as this happens but a recognition that the baton has been handed to another generation.
  • Churches will struggle, not all, but many that do not hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.
  • God will become more evident to those who love him in the future as He is revealed above anything the world can bring.
  • Weather will wax worse then BETTER.  People will begin to discover truth in this regard.  Much of those things that have been imagined will become myths and mystery.
  • Those who put faith in gold and sliver will find that 2016 will not be a good year. Only faith in God will matter.
  • There will be upheaval and difficulty as isolated terrorists attempt to generate fear, but to those who know their God there is no fear in faith.
  • ONE powerful discovery in health is waiting just outside the door. I don't know what it is, but I see it and when it is revealed it will bring great joy for much suffering will be stopped.
  • By the end of the year a wave of great optimism for the future will manifest and it will not be because of an election, it will be because truth has been shown over lies.

Father says this: 

Only I am truth, even your flesh tries to lie to you. There is not good in deception.  Seek truth and escape the lies of the devil.  The truth will set you free and the lies will place you in bondage.  Seek truth.  I am truth.  Do not depend on your own works, ability or understanding. Even those things you see as pleasing to me are not if they are bound by lies.  Your worship no matter how passionate is meaningless without truth.  Find Me and find truth.

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Kathy said...

AMEN! I have faith that all you have said will come to pass and my heart is ready.