Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On the Recent Shootings - When Cultures Clash

It has been nearly a week since the shooting in San Bernardino happened. The news and political roar has tried to silence the voice of God in all this.

This shooting is not to be equated with the strange and deranged man that shot up an abortinary in Colorado.  That was one man with a gun and a screw loose.

There is much more to this shooting in San Bernardino.

I have remained silent in prophetic utterance on this because I knew there was much more to this than meets the eye.

Here is what I hear the Lord saying to those with ears to hear:

"Fear is not from me.  I am the Lord and in me is no fear at all. If you are in me you will know no fear.  Fear not the one who can kill the body but rather the one who can rob you of your eternal soul.  I know of the weapons formed against you. I see them. I see those who carry them.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  Even if you die it is gain for you who know me. Ignore those who say peace peace and cry for safety.  They are being used of your enemy to confuse you.  There is no darkness and light that can live in the same world.  Only light prevails.  The enemy of your soul has one tool and only one.. that is lies. Those who are possessed of his lies will try to kill the truth.  The lies of the enemy are designed to put YOU in bondage and call those who receive them to act in what they believe is good.

Do not do what is acceptable, comfortable nor culturally normative.  Most of the culture you see around you today is not of ME.  Killing, cheating, lying, corrupt, lawlessness, selfishness and all other manifestations of the flesh and the world I warned you of are not to be normal in your life.  Stand as light to the world as you were called to.  They have no other light than you.  The darkness will flee as you stand for what is pure and righteous.

There was a time in Nazi Germany when people deluded and deceived accepted as normal and comfortable a horrible act against those people who were descendants of those I chose at the beginning.  Many even worshiped in churches yet saw boxcars with souls headed for soon slaughter.  In the same way many are deluded and deceived to accept as normal and comfortable things that are evil in the world.

You are at war with the flesh and with the world.  You are not to be OF the world even if you are in the world.  You are to advance the kingdom in MY NAME and do battle daily for truth.  It isn't even a nation with borders for the nation called by my name, the nation of God is a land without borders. All are welcomed in.. yet not all are yet citizens of the nation.  Be careful to not receive as fellow citizens those who do not yet know me.  The requirement for citizenship in my nation is a heart of flesh where formerly there was a heart of stone, a renewed mind and an eternal spirit which comes by the Blood shed by Jesus on the cross.  Anything else is a forged passport. All are welcome but only those who are among those counted "as many as have received.. they are sons of God"

Again I say to you and once more FEAR NOT.  I have OVERCOME the world.  There is no God but ME..  all others are lies and deception.. even a lack of a god is a lie.  Stay strong and victory is yours."

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Kathy said...

Amen! I am so glad to hear God speak by reading your post today. I believe that we must be faithful to God and he will watch our back, so that we are constantly watchful of the evil one.