Saturday, October 31, 2015

How the devil devours and destroys

We are ignorant of the the devils schemes.  We think he kills.  No he doesn't.  He lies.  His lies then pervert people's thinking and the result is people kill themselves and each other. 

Evil always perverts.  It doesn't kill.  We do that to each other.

The perversion of goodness and mercy ends up resulting in murder on the streets, victimization, abortion supported by government, fornication, fatherless children, cheating, poverty mentality, incarceration, abuse, mental illness, myths, homosexual normality even in marriage, godlessness from demented religion, weakness, physical decline, slums, dependency and the worst kinds of lives imagined.

The devil has won, and people most abused have allowed this, even invited this by allowing perversion to enter in. I know this sounds like a word against people in poverty and those abused.  It is not, it is a word to say what Father says:

"I have good plans for you, plans for a good future, plans for prosperity, plans for you to be in health and a sound mind, plans for you to walk in confidence, plans for you to live according to the ten principles I gave at Sinai.  Do not accept the cultural lies, don't allow those around you to drag you down, back to a place I never intended you to be.  Your enemy is looking for whom he may devour, and he does it by having you devour one another.  Rise up, there is  a great future when you turn your back on the things that have brought you to this place.  To return to ME you must REPENT, turn around, turn from all those things that have been a lie in your life.  I will heal you and come to you like the rain, fresh rain.  I will wash you clean and restore you to what you never knew, but you must renounce the lies that have placed you in chains.  I cannot restore one who has one foot in the world and one in my kingdom."

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