Monday, October 12, 2015

Dominion is an Internal Work of God

I have said that the wild and woolly world of the traveling Evangelist in Christendom is what keeps the airlines from going broke.  I wonder so many times why they don't run into each other on the highway.  Minister A flies from Chicago to Philadelphia to bring the word of the Lord to that city while Minister B is flying from Philadelphia to Chicago with both of them having ONE THING on their mind, to bring the word of the Lord to.. well whatever destination is printed on their airline ticket.

I know there is a time and a place for this.   One of my favorite people in ministry travels a great deal.  Hard working man. YET... I recall how we put together "Mission Trips" to Chicago from Fargo North Dakota.  We came, we saw, we didn't do much and we went back. It was a plan.  Mostly it was used to broaden the goer rather than those to whom they went.

The same thing is true of those who seek to benefit from having a minister from the USA come to Boogla Boogla Africa or Hiduia India.  I get these invites all the time on Facebook and by Email.  They pretty much are designed to import money and connect people without a purpose. It's a longer distance low impact mission trip like we made from Fargo to Chicago,  full of sound and fury signifying little.

Meanwhile, people who really need to hear the word of the Lord are just down the street.  Just over there. Close, hungry, needy. I'm not talking about charity, I'm talking about an encouragement that will bring them out of a hole they have dug, or fell into.

When I look at the Book of Acts... going was only for a few until the diaspora.  It was not a job.  Most were called to stay.  I know it's common to quote Keith Green who famously said, "You gotta be called to stay", but I'm not convinced he was right.

The real engine of evangelism that is changing the world is an internal engine.   The sparks have already happened.  China is now almost the largest Christian Nation on the face of the earth internally driven.  Africa is almost the largest Christian continent.  India is burgeoning.  All over the face of the globe as we see the Kingdom expanding but it's no longer because airplanes are spending fuel to haul folks there.  Let's just tell ourselves the truth, it's more to benefit the goer than the goee.  It's a large form mission trip. Expanding horizons, sometimes little more than a Holy Vacation.

This is even true regionally.  We are called to go where we are able to make a difference, where we are received, where we can make an impact, where in fact we can make the world we live in better, the woodpile higher because of our presence as we bring the word of the Lord.  IF we aren't accepted, received then move on to where we are.  Yelling at a brick wall is useless. The other end of the spectrum the closed loop echo chamber.  We have that in the Church.  Those who recycle the same speakers with the same word and call it breakthrough.  We need some cross pollination.  We need to hear the word from those you have never heard before. Get out of the echo chamber. We don't need to travel around the world or even across the country to do this.  Within a 3 hour drive from where you are right now, you can make a difference.  If we all did that and concentrated on bringing our nation to Jesus we would have won the USA by now.  But we aren't.   Instead, we are off to Africa, India and Pakistan.

I am operating as a prophet telling you what you already know in your heart but never had the guts to say;  We have misunderstood the whole Great Commission.  Jesus didn't say, "Buy a ticket and go into all the world", what he did say was "AS YOU GO into all the world, the world you occupy, the world you find yourself in, Preach, Baptize and make Disciples (who will also follow suit)".   You can do the study on the words and grasp this truth.  He knew that there was about to be a great "Going" when Jerusalem was destroyed in 72AD.  He was preparing them for that event.

You are not called to go, you are called to do what you do and go where you go and make a difference.  Do that and the kingdom will expand.  It's proven to work, the Chinese people couldn't go anywhere yet they now are dominant in their culture (They have Dominion).  Let's get dominant.

That is the word of the Lord for someone who is feeling sad that they aren't traveling all over the place like everyone else seems to be doing.

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Yup. Makes the gospel a lot more simple and much less expensive.