Thursday, October 15, 2015

What is Lurking Out There?

People live in some concern about the future.  What is about to happen.  This is where some of the end times hysteria kicks in.  This is why so much teaching on hidden evil, Jezebel, secret this or that. 

Then there is the paranormal, UFOs, Ghosts and all kinds of crime shows that show evil lurking around every corner.

This is not to deny that the potential for evil exists.  You only have to watch the news to see more than you want to.

But THIS MORNING I heard a word from the Lord that you need to hear too.  It might have been for me, but I suspect there are a few of my loyal readers that will be able to receive this:

"I am about to do some things in your life that will surprise you in an excellent way.  You don't even suspect the good things I have in store for you.  It's more than you can think or imagine. It's more than what you hoped for.  It's going to wash away tears and fears you have carried for a long time. I am secretly hiding just outside your view to come to you in new ways.  New things.  New friends.  New opportunity.  Like your mom or dad would hide your Christmas or Birthday presents from you,  they knew what was in them, they knew you were about to find yourself receiving a wonderful gift you never even knew was there.  I KNOW what I have in store for you.  I am a GOOD FATHER and in that you can trust.  So don't worry so much about what evil, what difficulty, what struggle you have.  I am not only overcoming the world and it's system I already know the plans I have for you to do you good.  I am lurking just outside your door with great things in store for you and it makes ME  happy to see your face filled with JOY.  Get Ready... "


Kathy said...

Good Morning Gene, I have been feeling that God is working wonderful things and giving wonderful gifts to me of late, and I do hope that I am worthy of them. I have struggled with many things this year but have always turned to God with the knowledge he would help me with it all. The loss of my Mom recently has been hard but knowing that God was beside me and Jesus had his arms wrapped around me in my sorrow was the greatest gift ever!!! Thank You Gene for this message, as I do not fall in the trap of doom & gloom anymore because I know that God has so much more to do here on earth and those of us who love him will always have in our hearts hope, peace, and love what greater gifts than that? Good Day to you and many blessings come your way.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother!
Victor from Canada.