Monday, December 29, 2014

Word for the Year 2015 by Larry Ecker, a Prophet

2 Chronicles 7:14

This is the word for this year. If My people do not repent, do not turn from what they are doing, their land will not, can not be healed.

Healing begins from within. The world was based upon My word, not the word based upon the world. Therefore is it not from within (the church), that healing must first begin? How therfore do you expect the outer (the world), to become healed? You want to see less hunger, less killing, less sexual sin, less idolatry,less pain? Then first heal from within, then the healing will move outward.

You have heard judgement begins in My house; as well healing of the land also begins from within with My church, My people. I Am going to pour out more abundance to those who repent, who heal, this coming season. Do not be mistaken, your adversary also will be pouring out an abundance. Do you think he will sit back with no repercussion? Do you not think he would have done so already knowing his defeat by My Son? Do not be deceived, your adversary is roaming as a lion ready to devour.

But do not be dismayed, if healing begins from within, it shall manifest outside. If healing does not begin inside, that which is already happening shall progress and escalate. Without healing, My protection is reduced, removed. Heed these words. Do them for the time is at hand, the fields are ripening. Though harvest has begun, it pales in comparison to that which is before you and coming.


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