Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Prophesy Truth even when it hurts

Senior leaders must be willing to answer the call to be prophets for the day.

We need more prophetic voices in our churches.  But too many who are able to tell you that you are going to write a book, money is coming your way, God is going to give you a better job or you will come into great things soon have a real hard time telling people the truth, even if it's not popular, even if it's painful.  Like the Prophet Jonah, it's better to run away and be eaten by a fish than tell people something that might help them be delivered of deception.

The pastor who helped form me spiritually nearly 40 years ago, Dan Rothwell, was always prepared to give a balanced read to his congregation when national events took place.  They were solid, balanced and based on the truth.

Senior leadership is called to break the chains of lies that bind the people for which they are responsible. If they fail to do so, God will remove them.  This is not a new word, it is much like the word given a few years ago when lies became the sound of the day.

Like Jonah, finding truth will cost you, will make you uncomfortable, will cause you anger and you will struggle with it.  Yet if you buy into the lies and don't confront, you will be condemned to remain rabble.

There were spiritual leaders in Jesus day who joined the cries, "Crucify Him".  They joined the rabble.  They no longer were breaking chains, they were participating in binding the people to a dogma of deceit.

The last several weeks I can tell you with authority that many senior leaders have become part of the rabble rather than chain breakers.  They no longer hear or discern truth.  Like Jonah, they have run from truth.   Even when the lies are blatant, when the lies are from the pit of hell. They joined the rabble and cried "Crucify".   

Why?  They fear man more than God.  They want to avoid being stoned.  They want to be accepted by man more than honored by God.  They want to be popular rather than truthful.  They have lost the gift of discernment and their are consciousness seared from seeing reality.

God will not allow His shepherds to long stay on His platform without repentance and turning from the lies.  He will remove them or cause their influence to be reduced, masked or hidden.  Many call of God leaders now are in the shadows because a covering angel has come to protect the people of God.  The misleaders are now rendered useless.  Exposure of sin has become the threat of the hour.

I never watch the show, but I am familiar with the Maury Povich line "That was a Lie".  We need to have leaders stand before their congregations and tell the truth.. even if it hurts.  "That was a Lie".  If truth is discarded, the way is made for lies to invade even more.  It is like playing with a Ouija board, it opens the door to supernatural invasion of deception.  That is why I am fighting it so hard. I may be a lone prophet, but God has called the true Prophets of God to call out the lies,  It's past time.

Of course this is about confronting the myths surrounding the murder of Michael Brown.  After Trayvon Martin I prophesied that next time the deception would be even deeper.  Because the lack of courage on the platform, the current deception is greater. 

Yet the lies go unchallenged, when they should be called out.  Of course that will take risk. It might mean losing a few members (and their tithe).   You might be stoned.  IF you had courage you would attack the deception.  You are being weighed in the balance and if you are found wanting will be removed.  Repent from dead works.

There are things that must be confronted that are lies floating around right now.  If you do, it will break the chains from your people.  Do you love them enough to tell them the truth?

  • Mike Brown held up his hands and said, "Don't Shoot".  That is a lie
  • Mike Brown was shot in the back.  That is a lie
  • Mike Brown was a harmless child.  That is a lie
  • Mike Brown never touched Darren Wilson's gun.  That is a lie
  • Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown 12 times.  He did shoot his gun, but he's a lousy shot.  
  • Darren Wilson was paid a half million dollars by ABC for his interview.  That is a lie
  • Darren Wilson is going to retire on full pension from the police force.  That is a lie.
  • Mike Brown didn't rob the store we see on video... An amazing lie.
  • The cops set fires that burned Ferguson.  That is a lie.
  • Mike Brown never touched Darren Wilson.  That is a lie
  • Mike Brown was shot from 150 feet away.  That is a lie (and would take a pretty good shot to do so)

There are truths that are not convenient to the lies:
  • Once Mike Brown was shot he kept coming, there is a 21 foot trail of blood to show it.
  • Mike Brown is the real victim here, his mother and her boyfriend (not stepfather) weren't even raising him.  Grandma was.  So all the outrage and "they killed my baby" does not line up with reality.
  • People who told the truth to the grand jury were warned not to do so. The rabble tried very hard to intimidate them. 
  • The Grand Jury was not hand picked.  It had been assembled long ago (January of 2014) to hear such things.  9 white 3 black.  About the mix of St Louis County.  From Voter Rolls.  IF you aren't a voter you weren't called.  They have nothing to gain nor lose by bringing a false verdict.  When I heard a leader make an irrational statement like "Indict the Grand Jury" it was out of line.  

So who wins when lies are propagated, when the rabble riots, when the division is deepened, when people become accusers.  The answer is easy, SATAN. This is all a scheme of satan.  Father of Lies.  Creating enmity between people.  Accusing the brethren. Sadly he succeeded and those assigned to protect the flock led them to slaughter.

To be clear, none of the lies have to do with the racial tensions, they are simply lies created by the enemy to discredit those who should know truth but choose a lie instead.  Yes there is racism,  and it must be dealt with, but not by lies.  That solves nothing.

The Bible calls this behavior out.

2 Thessalonians2:10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.
Those who are about to be judged most severely are those who decided to believe the lie.  What do you think Father will do with such?

I read the book of Revelations.  It's not good news for liars.


Vaughn Clark said...

Wouldn't you like to know what kind of pep talks were given by Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton? I am surprised Spontaneous Human Combustion doesn't kick in.

This kind of lying leading to death and mayhem should be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...


prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

that seems to sum it up.alot of lies and blaming. though i do agree there is abuse within the police which i experienced myself. police more than happy to pull the triggers