Friday, April 10, 2020

When we DON'T listen we perish

I have been walking out the reality of what is happening all around us.   Near Chicago where the virus is taking a toll. 

Yet there are huge islands of safety.  Distance.  Open air.

Chicago is governed badly.  So is the state of Illinois.  It is governed by people with agendas who fail to listen to anything other than the confirmation bias they insist upon.  If you are in their circles and come with a contrary opinion you are shut out and ignored.

This is how it is with many people.  The word says, Without a Vision, (a prophetic word from God), People Perish.  Proverbs 28:19

Many these days are pointing to prophetic utterances from the long past by David Wilkerson.  Or more recent Prophecies from Chuck Pierce.   They have standing and are important.  But what is MORE important is moving ahead as you hear from God in the moment, in the time. 

There is wisdom available by the Spirit of God that can help you right now.  Look for that.  I know and respect many prophetic voices, most of them are not nationally known.  Yet they speak the very truth of God for this moment.  They are hidden, but true.  Why?  Because they have nothing to gain or lose by sharing what God is saying.  Thy have no paywall, no entrance fee for attending thier conference, no collection plate.  They simply hear and say what God is saying.

Here is what the Lord is saying right now.. 
There are many voices competing for your attention in this time.  Heed words of hope.  Heed words of peace.  Heed words of encouragement.  The enemy of your soul wants to destroy hope and peace.  When you hear those words it will grate against the my Spirit inside you.  It will be dissonant.  Do not rail against them, some of those are in authority over you.  You must be wise at this time.  I need  you to breath, I need you to live.  I do in the earth what I do by your hand and voice.  So be wise. 

Yes, what I say to you seems to be doubt what you are being told.  This too is wisdom for the father of all lies is about.  You are being lied to every day.  You have the gift of discernment.  Hear and test if it is of terror or triumph. 

These days will come to an end.  Make certain you are there to meet it.  Do not fear. Be brave.  Be wise.   For victory is on the horizon.  Your salvation isn't in government nor in experts.  It is in ME.  I haven't left nor forsaken you.  This day in history represents the apparent death of hope.  What the destroyer didn't know when he thought he murdered hope  was that I am the word of Restoration.  I am resurrection. Live in me.  I need you to live, I need you to breath.

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