Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Under a Full "Pink" Moon

We are going into this week of remembering and celebrating the ultimate victory over death by Jesus and in turn, all of us under a super-moon. Called a pink moon, because it coincides with the flowering of spring.  Happens every year. Not the super-moon, but pink.

Many think this is a harbinger, that it means something. No, doesn't.  What does mean something is our victory over sin and death was culminated in a season like this a couple thousands of years ago.

That should be celebrated.

Not that we ignore the time and season we are in.  We don't.  Yet we take note for the future.  There will be a future. It will look different from the future we just left.  It might be better.  The normal is gone.. the new normal yet to be created.  We by our actions create this.

So let us not be caught up in or subjected to those things that are myths and old wives tales.  They do not count.  What counts is Jesus and his triumph over the ultimate enemy. 

The moon is beautiful.  There will be a Passover, as there is every year.  It happens with great expectation.  That eager anticipation is important.  I only want us to be sober and clear headed in this season.

This is not a time to become victims when the price was already paid for your victory.  Now go enjoy it.  The world will change but you can be certain in the immutable  God in Heaven who never ever changes.

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