Sunday, February 11, 2018

Knowing the End from the Beginning is the Key to Peace With God

In many Westerns when a person is about to be killed, hung or somehow dispatched the person doing the dispatching will ask or say "Make your peace with your maker".  

Some think that is about heaven.  Some think that is about saying a prayer.  It's not actually.  I have seen what it is to be at peace with God.  Being at peace with God is knowing he knows the end from the beginning. 

If there is a movie you enjoy that you have seen several times, you watch it because you love the story, but you don't get upset like you did the first time when you watched it without knowing the end.  You became un-peaced.  Then the movie finished up.

I just watched the Superbowl Rerun from last Sunday.  Watched if from beginning to end, commercials and all.  I knew how the game came out.  I cheered and feared when it was in real time.  In rerun, I had no fear or cheer to offer since I knew the end from the beginning.  That's how God sees us.  He sees the end from the beginning.  It's a wild ride, but since we know He loves us and since we know we can trust Him no matter what, we can have peace. 

You see, when you entered into salvation, you were already sealed. Eternal life began.  Formerly dead, you came to life.  Your expected end was already achieved.  And it can't be lost unless you decide to reject it.  Some do not preach this well.  They have believers hanging over hell on a rotten stick.  They play the Superbowl rerun and tell you this time the Patriots might win.  No Game Over. 

Knowing your end from the beginning brings PEACE.  Live in it.

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