Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Darkness has Settled in Scandinavia

There is a strong demonic presence that has invaded much of the north countries of Europe.  Scandinavia where is your former glory?  While many point to a past, there has come a future that is spiraling downward without light.  You have become a slave to an antichrist spirit. 

Yet there are still a few who call on the name of the Lord and are faithful.  The demon of the antichrist spirit is trying to drive them out.  Kill them.  Capture them.  Silence them.  Mute the testimony of the Christ. 

For the remnant that remains, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, you must rise up against this evil and call it what it is.  Demonic.

On the outside Scandinavia looks like a white wonderful place. People point to it as paradise.  As heaven on earth. Yet under the shiny exterior lies a darkness that is undeniable.  The soul of Scandinavia is lost without a renewal.

Do not hang on the the former things, embrace the light.  Your darkness must end. 

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