Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Light is Driving Back Darkness

Truth is light.  Light is Truth.  It is driving back the darkness.

There is a spirit of light in the world right now.  The darkness still reigns in places, and places that formerly had light are sinking into darkness.

Other places are coming into the light and the results you can see by the spirit is evident:

Light show the way.  The future looks better when the light shines.

Light reveals error.  When the wrong way is exposed the right way can be followed.

Light opens new opprotunities.   No one can grasp what they can't see.

Light Brings hope.  Darkness holds fear and dread.  When light comes hope returns.

Light destroys deception.  It's not easy to take for some, but enlightenment comes when light shines.

Light makes one prosperous.  Work while it is day.  You can't get paid for not working.

Light is expensive.  Years ago it took days to earn enough to light an oil lamp.  Now we flip a switch.  That didn't happen for free.  Value light. Don't take it for granted.

Light is Jesus and Jesus is light.  The light he brings dims even the sun.

Love the light.. for darkness is your enemy.  Deception, discouragement, delusion and diversion all happen when you are in darkness.  If you find any of these to be true.. look for light.


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