Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When Prophets are Spit on

I have never been spit on.  I know some however that have been.  And the Bible is FULL of events and situations where prophets were more than spit upon.  Murdered, beheaded, crucified and left in the pit for dead.

Since many of those acts are no longer "Popular" or legal, the modern prophet is spit upon in other ways:

Today the spit is to criticize as a false prophet, or trump the word of the Lord by saying, "I can hear from the Holy Spirit as well as you can".  That's OK, we are supposed to judge prophecy.  Some prophecy is just pizza.  Some is illusion. Some is weird.  That is fully judge-able.  What becomes more difficult are those who despise prophecy because it interferes with  their world view, lifestyle choices and their blatant disobedience (sin).

I am particularly concerned about leaders who lead their people astray by speaking in favor of ungodly agenda because it fits prejudices they have.  Right now there is a statement signed onto by many people who consider themselves christians in opposing the Trump administration.  No matter what your views and opinions are on our President, you are free to express them unless that expression contains in large part ungodly lies, actions, half truths and open rebellion against GOD (not man).  This statement signed on to by many is filled with darkness.  Those who are in leadership who have signed on to this will be called to account.

This is what causes prophets to be spat upon.  When the backslidden are called to account and warned, they react as if I were the one warning them.  They treat it like I am cursing them.  NO, a thousand times NO, I am not the one warning you, I am by the spirit of the God hearing the warning bells going off.. not in a good way.  So their rather violent reaction to my warning is actually a reaction against God's correction.   If they didn't know that it was correction it wouldn't bother them so much.

There are some people who will not repent, who will reject the warnings, who will continue and they will be sidelined or worse.  I no longer will deal with them. Most have excluded themselves.   They have lots of Bible Bullets to shoot at any such warning. It is to the few who will hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying that I appeal to.

HEAR HIM.. not me.  Even if you believe you hear from God and believe you are doing right, most fornicators in the Church of Jesus will pray before committing adultery or fornicate and think that they are being Godly. 

That is taking the name of the Lord in Vain and that is another issue for another day.

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