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Lance Wallnau: "5777: The Year Of The Clashing Of Swords!" Lance Wallnau Oct 19, 2016

A few days before the Election of Donald Trump in November, Lance Wallnau made this proclamation.  I didn't deal with it then.  I have been careful since he declared Trump to be a Cyrus.  Yet, now a few months into this, it is making sense.  Some prophecy is best understood in a rear view mirror.

We Have An Assignment - To Save This Nation!
God is doing something in this season...

Passion is a strange phenomenon. Less than 48 hours (at the time of this writing) I sat in my hotel room in Jerusalem. I took a break from training that I was doing with First Ladies, Diplomats, and members of the House Lords—all amidst terrorist attacks happening around me that left 5 wounded and 2 dead.

As I flipped on the internet and took in the current news about America I could not help but get all fired up! The devil is bent on dismantling the Christian vote in 2016 and Pastors and conservative leaders are themselves defecting from the battle. It's madness!

Did you know evangelicals make up 27% of registered voters? Add devout Catholics and it is 37%! Together we are the largest, most vibrant, and most dynamic single constituency in the electorate today; a larger force than the Latino, the African-American, and all Unions combined. 

BUT nearly 14 million of us are thinking of sitting this election out!

I grabbed my cell phone and recorded a live video rant to address this. In less than 48 hours that video is nearing 3 million views (now it's over 3.5 million views)! 

My friend, God is doing something in this season. You and I have an assignment to save this Nation!

Before flying out of Jerusalem, I filled in for Chuck Pierce who could not attend the Jerusalem gathering. He was supposed to speak for Yom Kippur, and reveal the meaning of the New Hebrew Year 5777. This forced me to do some thinking. The Rabbis teach that Yom Kippur is the day that "God looks at us" and makes judgments and decisions for the coming year at Yom Kippur.

The Clashing of Heaven and Hell

As I prayed for you, my children, our nation, this election, and the course of America, something struck me about the significance of this new year, 5777. There are three "7's" in this Jewish new year. Interestingly, the number "7" in Hebrew is the letter "zayin" which represents both the number "7" and the word "sword."

What we are looking at in 5777 is: "The year of supernatural grace (5) to engage the clashing of swords (7)."

The clashing of Heaven and Hell will show up in the conflict of ideologies. This collision of kingdoms has already started.

Someone gave me a prophetic word today that proclaimed, "There are spirits being dispatched to put blindfolds on the minds of Christians." We are so easily manipulated through media mind control: sound bites, talking heads, and an onslaught of progressive liberal ideologies baked into our entertainment.

"Zayin" means more than just "sword" or "weapon." It also connects with a modern Hebrew word "mazon," meaning "food" or "sustenance," and "nourishment," both coming from the same root as Zayin.
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5777 is the year of the clashing of swords! We are taking on giants just like the children of Israel did. I choose to believe what Caleb said in Numbers 14:9, "Do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them."

Caleb saw the giants in the land not as obstacles but as bread. I believe that as you take on your giants and defeat them they will become nourishment for you! What you bow to will increase your bondage but what you overcome will increase your power!

Feed Your Spirit

The enemy will be bread for you IF YOU FEED YOUR SPIRIT on the Word of God. Jesus says in Matthew 4:4: "But He (Jesus) answered and said, it is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.'"

The Word of God, is the bread you eat that becomes a sword in your mouth! In this new year, 5777, God will open up His Word to you and reveal a "sword" in the Scripture! When you see it—grab it.

Speak what God gives you. Prophesy and proclaim what you see. Expect your utterance to authorize angelic activity through your prayers! 

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