Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Civil War in the Spirit

I have been disturbed in the spirit about the deep divisions in our nation. About the insane protests going on. About many elected people becoming so unhinged and trying to stop everything. About the seemingly never ending anger over the last election. Something didn't seem right. It didn't seem to line up with what we know. I have been seeking the Lord. Here's what I heard:

""There has been a renewed demonic spirit released in the land. It's the opposite reaction to what I am doing. It is being driven by people the enemy has assigned to foment disruption to my purposes. There are people sold out to his "Kill, Steal and Destroy" agenda. Many you even know the names of are behind the scenes are endorsing, funding and supporting these actions. Those you see in public are not the ones who are so engaged. I am exposing and turning upside down and inside out an antichrist agenda that has been distorting the culture for evil purposes. There is a deceived populace even many who call on me as Lord. My people must stand against this, must pray, must repent, must find new hope in ME. Those who are in the background as the puppet masters will be exposed. I will have MY way. Do not compromise with evil. Like Haman they have already built the scaffold upon which their godless agenda will be exterminated. They are my enemies and your enemies. I want to redeem those who have been compromised from the destruction that awaits them. Righteousness will prevail. I have used the weakest and those who do not claim righteousness of their own and are judged as unrighteous to demonstrate the truth of Balaam's rebuke. I can use even an ass to change a culture. My desire is to bless and prosper my people but first the restrainer must be removed. Watch and see my hand in the days to come. It will be a hard time and you must stay strong, stay encouraged, stay fearless, the battle will rage .. but the enemy must be pushed back from the ground he has taken. Set up your Ebenezer stone and say. THUS FAR THE LORD HA BROUGHT US. Stand against those who try to move your stone.""

Take comfort in the word of the Lord.

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