Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tension in the House

While we are a long time married couple (50 years) sometimes there is argument or tension.  Not because of a big thing, just disagreement.  It's a disturbing feeling when it happens.

Recently after one such the Spirit of God said to me, "My love for you and your love for me is perfect but then when you rebel or fall even briefly, the grief I feel at your momentary departure is even greater than the loss you are feeling right now".

I was stunned.  What seemed to me to be a brief disagreement over an issue that will be resolved turned out to be a type of the breech that happens in our relationship with Jesus sometimes.

HE doesn't change, but we sometimes get cranky, angry, disappointed, intemperate.  OR SIN.. knowing better.

He is immutable, we are mutable (assuming that's a word).

This is not so much a prophetic word as a prophetic feeling of how the Lord sees us and our relationship with Him.. and it really matters to Him.. He feels real loss when we drift, even for a moment.

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