Friday, May 8, 2020

It's always darkest before the Dawn... but it's still dark

The news on so many fronts are discouraging.  Depression, unemployment, maybe a couple hundred thosand dead from Covid-19.  Lots of discouragement.

Yet God isn't discouraged. He sees the end from the beginning.  Many people believe this will all end and we will magically snap back to how it was at the end of 2019.  Never going to happen.  Things have changed for good.. or not good.

It isn't about behavior, although that is the outcome. It's about making a new path when the old disappeared.  We are now in an undiscovered country. 

Many of the things we thought could not fail.. did.  I won't list them.

Plus there is an agenda of evil in the world.  It is the same evil that the Nazis used, the idea of Safety, Security and Protection. Of course the Nazis demanded that we give up much of what life in 2019 gave us to obey their demands.

Christians will need to resist, to keep in mind who we are and make certain that freedom isn't lost at the altar of Safety which is only Tyranny in a mask.

While I know that the darkness before the dawn is real, we can hope for a better day.. but that day won't dawn until the darkness of the present night is pushed back.  It is in your heart and mine where the darkness lives.  We can control that... by the help of the HOLY GHOST.

It's Kairos new day is coming.  You can help form it if you don't end up submitting to the evil anti-christ spirit on the earth today.

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