Monday, May 4, 2020

A GREAT Pruning is Happening - A look at the future

The grape vine doesn't enjoy being pruned.  In fact if it could speak it would say, "NO, leave me alone.  I'm quite happy being here  growing.  I offer us fruit, right?

No movie maker needing to get his film edited for best use uses all the hours of video for his presentation.  He in the old days would cut and paste together essences of the very best.   What was wasted was left on the cutting room floor, swept up and discarded.

This Virus invasion is not and act of God, but Father never wastes our difficulty.  He uses it to prune off the parts that needed pruning.

Here are some things that will be left on the ground of the vineyard and on the cutting room floor.  They really were superfluous and not fruitful   This great pruning has put them destined to the burn pile.

  1. Many entertainment venues are gone for good (theaters)
  2. Many sports will never return
  3. Many recreational parks and ships will die
  4. Many governmental bodies will find themselves destroyed
  5. Many gatherings will be very muted like fairs and festivals. 
  6. Domestic air travel will change forever.. and not for the better or cheaper
  7. Bankruptcies will roll thru the economy.  Many not because of the virus but because they were marginal in the first place.
  8. A transfer of wealth will occur as some additional over 70 pass away
  9. Major Cities will find themselves stagnating.  Financial difficulties will become even more severe.
  10. Many poorly run states will become even more stressed.  A huge battle will ensue.
  11. A falling and failing in the Church will occur.  A portion of Churches will prosper as the return begins, but many more will fail.  Denominational churches will prosper believe it or not.  Those who served their congregation in tangible ways will prosper.  The true shepherds will be revealed, those who were not will discover the pruning.
  12. Inflation will stay quiet for a while but then will become rampant as money flows thru the economy.  This will take 3 years.
  13. Agriculture will suffer for a while and then will become vibrant.  
  14. The social distancing and other things will become a hangover.  Those who need the human tough will find themselves wanting.
  15. There are hundreds of other changes you will see in the years to come.. your life will  never be the same. Knowing that you can look forward and leave your past behind.

Many things that we once expected will no longer exist.  It will be a different world. The good news is in some ways better, but in many, we will never go back again. We are now strangers in a strange land, an undiscovered country. 

You are leaving the Land of Ur.  Your stopping off place is the place of Haran.  Then you will leave there to the place of promise.  You will  never go back again.  That land no longer exists.

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