Saturday, March 9, 2019

Troubler of Israel?

I had a major prophet long ago tell me that part of my prophetic mantle was to be a troubler of Israel.  To sit as a voice for the supreme court of heaven.  To do so in love but never out of fear or need for popularity. 

I know that I am fulfilling the call of God on my life when I have people ask me, "Why are you always stirring things up?".  

I certainly don't need the entertainment, I ask hard questions, focus on the need for self examination and in Holy Love.  When deception and delusion have taken over a person's life, sometimes a measure of troubling is needed. 

Of course, when properly troubled there is anger, resentment and rejection.  If you are called to be a troubler of Israel, you will need to endure such.  It is no place for someone with thin skin or someone who has a need to be liked.  I'm not cursed with either malady.

Like others called to this place, calling out against injustice, real injustice is critical.  Calling out against deception.  Calling out against oppression.  Calling out against those who would be used of the enemy to be a partner in the "thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy." John 10:10a  NLT

"My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life". John 10:10b NLT.  That is the mandate of those called to trouble Israel, to help people get out of the traps that cause them to NOT have a rich and satisfying life.  Sometimes that means challenging worldviews and cultural constraints developed by the enemy to trap people in poverty, lack, disappointment, dissatisfaction, resentment, discouragement and anger.

So in this walk IF I offend someone.. it is part of the job description and I will go to my last breath carrying out that prophetic mandate ordained upon me.  Prophecy is not promising a brand new car or a new wife or husband, It is giving encouragement and vision to people trapped as victims and blinded.

We need more true prophets who trouble Israel.  Where are they?

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