Thursday, June 22, 2017

Good Enough Church

I know people burned out on church.  They would love to find the perfect church.  They have the heart  longing for the Glassy Sea.  Standing before Jesus on the throne.  Crying Holy Holy Holy.  Bowing down.  Worship and wisdom poured out in revelation.  That's what we all want.. me included.

That revelation of what it will be like will cause many to walk away from church dissatisfied.  I know, I have done it.  It's just not the Glassy Sea.  Nothing but the glassy sea is.

I have been part of GREAT churches in my 40+ years as a christian.  I have also been part of some duds.  I won't call names.. it's not important.

The longing for that day when we in white robes cry holy along side millions and millions causes people to go to conferences, conventions, travel across the country to experience the latest outpouring.  It's all good.. then we come back to the first bapticostal church of the divine.  And it goes flat.  We don't know why our church can't be like "That".  It can't because it isn't the glassy sea.  For a moment in time at that conference we got a glimpse but then..

It all roots in unrealistic expectation.  Expectation V Reality =  disappointment.

What the mature believer must do is find his place at the throne in private.  Then affiliate him or herself with a church that is GOOD ENOUGH.  Understand, compared to what you think you saw, you will always have to settle for less than the glassy sea.  It's just the way it will be until you are there for real. 

So what does the Good Enough church need to be to be good enough.
  • Encouraging
  • Uplifting
  • Free in Worship.
  • Koinonia type fellowship (Like minded believers)
  • Allow for some level of participation beyond keeping a seat warm, clap on cue, stand, sit and make sure the offering plate doesn't miss you.
  • This must be a place where you have some level of give and take.  Sit down and shut up doesn't fly.

If the dogma, structure, stricture or hierarchy is too strong.. it's not good enough.   If I come away feeling beat up, condemned, wounded, rejected or in bondage, not good enough.   If it's about one man, one person, one central figure other than Jesus, not good enough. 

Remember the glassy sea.  That's what we all long for and as long as we are on this earth compared to that, no church will ever measure up.  We need to find good enough and be there. 

God needs to use others to encourage you, lift you up, be in fellowship with, participate and be involved.  Hard to do in your living room or with a conference mentality.

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