Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Do we Even Grasp HOLY?

Last week in teaching I heard Apostle say something that hasn't left my spirit. He asked the question, what is HOLY? I mention this because there is a tendency to throw the word around too easily. Holy Man, Holy Land, Holy See, Holy Place, Holy Water, Holy Roman Church and of course, the HOLY BIBLE. 

Make no mistake, under the old covenant there were Holy things, places and considerations. The Holy of Holies.  The Holy City. "My" Holy Mountain, The Ark of the Covenant was Holy and the temple was called the Holy Place. 

But we must rightly divide the word of God from Old Covenant to New Covenant.  We are the Holy People of God (A chosen generation).  God alone is Holy.  We are to be Holy as he is Holy.  Places are no longer holy. 

The question remains, in the new covenant are there any Holy Places?  Holy Things?  I don't want to beat up people that hold things and places in high esteem, but the question is, do and should new covenant people believe in Holy Places?

Is Jerusalem or even the "Holy Land" HOLY?  Is the Vatican Holy?  Are many of the cathedrals and places of remembrance in Israel Holy?  I saw a picture of where Jesus supposedly gave the sermon on the mount.  It appears that people treat it as Holy.  So what is or who is holy?

What if the place where Jesus was Crucified was bulldozed and a McDonald's was erected on that spot would you be offended?  If yes, you believe in Holy Places.  I would be against it.. but it's not because it's Holy.  I value history.  I hate the fact that the spirit of ISIS has invaded people in this nation so they tear down historical statues around the south.  I hate that historic places ISIS has destroyed are no longer there for people to see as tourists. I might even like to go to Israel.  It's not on my bucket list right now, but maybe. 

I just want to be sure we measure ourselves as to what is or is not "Holy".  I know people who have a crucifix given them that they treat as holy.  I did for a while.  I get it.

What makes something Holy?  The presence of God.  The Holy of Holies was Holy because God was there present.  You and I are Holy because we are filled with his presnece. 

A place can be Holy, but God will not share his Holiness with any place.  In that way Sacramento or Columbus  are a Holy as Jerusalem.  OR NOT.

When President Trump went to the wailing wall the other day, photoes were taken.  It was a good sight for me to see.. but he doesn't have to put paper in a wall to get God's attention or find a holy place to do it.  There actually is a cottage industry where you can write a prayer and someone for a fee will place it in the wailing wall.  I remember a good friend of mine after visiting ORU in Tulsa saying "I know we could pray better if we just had a Prayer Tower".  He was going to another Bible College. Of course he told me this story knowing how error filled it was.

Maybe it's time for New Covenant Christians to start to grasp what or who is Holy.  You are.  God is.  When He invades you in a visitation, it's Holy.  I have been in Holy.  I know Holy.  I also know when it isn't.  There are many times in a Church Service where the least thing in my mind is anything Holy at all.  It should be but isn't.  People will flock to the Holy.. always have.  Unfortunately it's pretty rare.  The manifesting presence of God will cast a Holy Cloud over a place and you know it.  No one can Gin it up.  No one can manufacture it.  It comes because God moves on a place and is welcomed.  I have a good pastor friend who will be teaching in a Prison in Louisiana this week.  There will be others with him.  Some will be Holy.. most not.  This is sad. 

The world is Hungry for the genuine Holy.. and we offer them a memorial of some long ago time in symbol.  Now Holy is the key.  NOW. 

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