Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election.. when Flesh Trumped

I didn't post anything at all on the Prophet Gene blog for the last 9 days.  That was intentional. I had become so involved in the outcome of this historic election I didn't want to take the name of the Lord in Vain.  When I post something and proclaim it as "Thus Saith the Lord" I take it seriously.  So a fast from allowing myself the unearned luxury of speaking for God without actually speaking for God meant that I had to abstain.

I confess, I was pretty pessimistic. I thought I would wake up this morning and discover Hillary Clinton was President.  When at 6:30AM I turned on my radio by the bedside I was shocked.  I had gone to bed about 10PM.  I could take no more.  Trump was President.

So now what?  Integrity of the Prophetic means I must only say what God says.  Nothing more nor less.  Other prophets had words about this election.  I did not.

What I can say is the following:

There will be an initial euphoria then reality will set in.  There will be a letdown in a few weeks or months as people ask themselves "Did we do the right thing?"

The optimism will hold however.  There has been a belief by many that the government was against them.  Any potential to change things will be welcomed.

The divisions demonstrated the last few years will not change quickly but it will subside.  It will become a stubborn cadre of people who just can't bring themselves to be part of the solution.

The press in the USA is going to go thru some hard times.  Trust in them is at an all time low.  Unless change comes, they will become inert in our society.

Social media, blogs, tweets and whatever is next is replacing everything we used to think of as news.

The political system is about to undergo great upheaval.

There will be economic fallout from this.  Racial healing will be slow in this nation.

The revelation of people's dark hearts has been accelerating. This drove the election in part.  I heard the Lord say, not BLACK LIVES MATTER, but in reality, BLACK HEARTS MATTER.  This is an ungodly movement driven by a billionaire.  

It is critical that the divisions in this time not be retained.  The Kingdom of God is too important to allow this to keep us apart. 

Our trust is not in man or the arm of Flesh.. Our trust is in the Lord.

The Prophet Jeremiah Chapter 17 :

5This is what the Lord says:
“Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the Lord. 6They are like stunted shrubs in the desert, with no hope for the future. They will live in the barren wilderness,  in an uninhabited salty land.


Kathy said...

Now we must continue to pray for President Trump to not let his heart be darkened and to listen to God's word. Pray that we all continue to hear the Lord and work together and turn our hearts to him.

Anonymous said...

Amen! - my greatest concern is for the healing of the deep divisions in our nation. It seems like everything has become politicized - now, even talking about something as benign as the weather (which used to be a 'safe' topic) opens the door to a discussion of climate change & who/what is to blame & what who/what is to be done...

And I agree that a significant contributor to the division(s) is an 'unseen' hand - the election protest 'movements' (and others) are not as spontaneous as we would be led to believe. It's naive to think that, during the presidency of a man with a community organizer background, these protests are not receiving organizing support.

Good thoughts Gene - thanks