Saturday, November 19, 2016

Emerging into Clarity and Freedom

Jesus warning of the days to soon come makes this statement: 

False Messiahs will arise and Prophets of lies, and they will give great signs so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.  
Matthew 24:24

Because we are warned we are cautious.  Because we are cautious we sometimes miss what God wants to do in our lives.  We trust the agents of deception more than we trust the Power of God to create a world better than the one you have been in.

Sometimes the promises of the enemy sound wonderful. Peace.  Safety.  Harmony.  Prosperity.  Equality.  Security.  Freedom.  

They all contain what we all long for but many times these promises come to us disguised as a promise and in reality are an ever-loving bag of snakes.

It's always been so.  Eve deceived by the devil was given such promises.. YOU SHALL BE ... 

Adam then sinned for lacking the will power to counter what Eve had done.  I have no evidence for this, pure speculation but I Adam had stood up to Eve and said NO.. maybe God could have allowed his covering to wash away her sin.. as the last Adam (Jesus) did for us.  

Right now we are in a season of Clarity.  A season of renewed hope.  A season of freedom once again.  I sense a major shift.  It causes many to become uncomfortable.  It causes some to fight against it.  It causes even some elect to miss what God is doing. 

I confess I missed God's word brought by others in the last year over this change.  I was not willing to have that much hope.  I have had to seek God for myself.  

There will be some hard days ahead as we come into the unexplored country we are entering.  There will be giants.  There will be walled cities. Sometimes we will see ourselves as Grasshoppers.  This much is clear.. we are crossing over into it.  Some may ask why.. 

I ask... why did it take us so long to come out of the wilderness.

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