Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Antichrist's Beast is Manifesting in the Earth Today

When a demon spirit is manifesting, those with Godly discernment are able to identify it and do battle against it.  Those with a prophetic calling will quickly be able to carve out what that spirit is doing.  This can help warn God’s people not to become deceived by the devil’s schemes.  

Yet many of the very elect become deceived, drawn into a wave of demonic activity that takes them farther than they wanted to go and has the capacity to cause them to be destroyed.  The only answer to this is a prophetic warning rooted in wisdom, love and the gift of discernment.

The apostle John tells us that there are many antichrist spirits alive in the world today.  They are everywhere.  That spirit has never left the earth.  Yet there is a system, the beast of the antichrist spirit, that grinds and tries to eliminate those who oppose it.

The way to identify the beast alive in the world is by its makeup.  It’s not a man, it’s a system.  It combines religion with politics. Unless you are part of the religious and political system you will be ostracized, expelled or killed.  This has always been true in history.  There have been several Beast systems over the years.

During the Spanish Inquisition there was a clear manifestation of the beast. 

The Roman church at one time in Europe was a Beast System serving an antichrist spirit.  Even Martin Luther recognized and called it out.  When you see religion and politics mixed you know that there is a Beast dwelling not far under the surface.

Today a manifestation of this is ISIS and Radical Islam.  It’s easy to see.  They use religion to impose a political system on those who do not share their views.

Nazi leadership started as a movement that mixed religion and politics.. a Beast System.

The KKK was a beast movement.  Using religion as a cover to try to impose a political end.

Many far right wing militant groups use religion to influence political change.  The beast.

Some of the rioting by people loosely under the umbrella of Black Lives Matter and all of the iterations use social justice religious overtones (religion) to justify attempts to achieve a political end.  It has beast overtones.  Not all are the beast, but when you see things getting out of hand, when you see violence, when you see mindlessness, you know the beast is on the prowl.  It’s a mobocracy. 

Some telltale signs the beast system is in place:

Ends justify the means.. if it means burning down your town, blocking traffic or burning Jews in ovens.

Those who don’t go along (take the mark of the beast) are ostracized, set aside or persecuted.  The cultural revolution in China in the early 1970s was a type of the beast.  Disagreeing meant you couldn’t buy or sell. 

There is a constant call for “Justice”.  Equality, communal living, retribution, restitution, taking from others because somehow the “system” took from you.  Getting even. 

Murder is just below the surface:  If it’s beheading or sniping from a parking garage.

Lies are the beasts currency.  There is always the voice of the beast and it lies constantly.  It doesn’t know how to deal with truth.  Remember the devil is part of this and he is the father of lies.  People who have taken the mark of the beast believe in the lies and fairy tales.  Most of the time the lies are crafted by the devil to incite more people to join with the beast. When someone is incited to riot, they have taken the mark.

The beast will design an imaginary enemy or force to incite people to take the mark of the beast.  Jews, Apostates, Protestants, Freed negro slaves, masons, skull and bones, white supremacy, Bildibergers and a hundred other bogeymen that are heralded as the enemy of the beast that must be persecuted.  In China it was the intellectuals.  In some beast systems it’s businessmen and women. The beast system sometimes will use an imaginary emergency like global warming, ozone holes, Malthusian scarcity or Muslim hoards to scare people into taking the mark willingly.  The Forehead and hand have to do with your mind and your actions (hands).  You can’t have a beast marked person not in action or not persuaded.  That's why the mark is the hands and forhead.

Many Christians, particularly those who at one time had an anointing for leadership will be called to account by Jesus at the judgment seat for having taken the mark.  Some will be told, depart, I never knew you.  Those who take the mark by buying the lies will end up in torment. 

This is a solemn time.  Like in the middle ages, like during the Spanish inquisition, like during the rise of Nazis, Like during the emergence of the KKK, like when right wing militants become an enemy, like the worst of the Black Lives Matter movement, there are always a few leaders in the body of Christ who stand against such things.  Others are content go along to get along.  They are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem. 

When you hear lies, when you hear others blamed, when you see riot, protest and destruction you are seeing the beast system I action.  Iraq, Baltimore, Chicago and recently Dallas Texas.  It all starts so innocently with a seemingly just cause and then drifts into full blown deception.  I know.. there have been times I was almost drawn into some of this in the past. 

Be on guard for the enemy.. he wants to destroy you.

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Kathy said...

It is so sad to see so many following the beast today and most just don't even know it! Most have never even picked up the Bible and educated themselves as to the word of God, and I will continue to pray for those lost souls. Those of us who do see the beast and understand what he is up to must pray harder than ever to be strong and have the strength to survive what we may have to face. But the one thing I know and understand is that God is in control always and that my faith will reside with him and my believe will never be destroyed because Jesus is the way now and forever more! Please keep praying for America, that God will show is power in a mighty way.