Thursday, July 28, 2016

God Doesn't (just) LOVE YOU.. He Likes YOU

Why do parents of little kids get down on the floor and play dolls, tea party, toy cars or Legos with their children?  Because they LIKE to do that?  NO, they do it because they love them and they like what their kids like.  They want to help them find joy.  So whatever they like, the parent likes.

That's just how it is with the Father.  He loves you, but more important He likes you.

We have a birdbath.  I'm not excited but my wife loves to watch the birds splash around.  So I make sure there is water in there for them.  That it is changed so the birds come.  Do I do this because I love birds, no, I do it because I love my wife.  What she likes I like. If it brings her joy then I like it.

We have a lot of monkey see, monkey do.  If I have something to eat, Peggy wants to have some to.  She likes what I like.

That's the way it is with Father God.  He likes what you like.  He laughs with you.  He loves to see you smile.  If you enjoy flowers as I do, He likes that too.  He likes what I like and it brings Him joy.  He likes what you like and He likes YOU.  In a way He enhances the enjoyment you are already getting.

So next time you feel a little guilty about some pleasure you enjoy... chocolate or a cold drink.  HE LIKES IT TOO.  He likes you!

This is not for the religious but he really likes you, I know He loves me, but to know God Likes me gives me great peace. Rest in that truth.  God not only loves you, He likes everything about you.

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