Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Did Jesus Say, "Don't Try This at Home, I'm Jesus and You're NOT"

Jesus did a lot of astounding things while with us on earth.  We marvel at them. But you remember when He said, "I do all of this because I'm Jesus the Christ, the anointed of God, the fullness of the Godhead so don't even think about trying any of these things you sinful losers".

You don't recall that.  GOOD.   Because he never said it.

In fact He kept trying to say IF YOU...

"Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.
 Mark 11:23

 "No longer shall there ever be any fruit from you." And at once the fig tree withered. 20Seeing this, the disciples were amazed and asked, "How did the fig tree wither all at once?" 21And Jesus answered and said to them, "Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree  Matthew 21:20

 “I have made you the father of many nations”—in the presence of the God in whom he believed, who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist. Romans 4:17

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father".  John 14:12

"These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."  Mark 16:18

Looking for faith He encouraged us to speak in confidence at the outcome.  To say to mountains and fig trees move or be cast into the sea.  To do greater works.  To speak to storms and they will calm.

He said ALL AUTHORITY is given me and such as I have.. you know the rest.

So what happened? Who talked us out of this?  How did we get neutered?  By whom or what?

The body of Christ is pretty much on the ropes.. particularly in the USA.  Is there hope?  Yes, but we have to get some bad religion behind us. We need to start entering into our heritage in Christ. 

Am I there yet?  NOPE.. not yet.. but I'm on the trail.

Time to become what our inheritance says we should be.. sick healed, lame walking, blind seeing, deaf hearing, captives freed and bound up released.

WE ARE supposed to try this at home until we get it right.  Step out in faith.  That was the original intent.

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Kathy said...

I have missed hearing from you, but truly enjoyed today's post. I have been on the trail myself and have found that many things have come to completion, only because I believe and know in my heart that Jesus hears and delivers to true believers. I am so glad that even as a sinner God will give good things and allow myself to give good things because of my Faith. May God Bless You Gene because you are a true believer.