Friday, January 23, 2015

The Next Revival will come out of the Black Community in America

Long ago I heard a prophet say this.  That the next wave of God's moving, the great harvest, the coming massive revival will spring out of the Black Community. 

I am in this enough to say I believe it, but I also see some things that are going to change.  This move of God will not result in fellowships that looks like the black church in America today.  There is a need to proclaim truths that can transform a culture.  When that begins to happen you will know we are on the way.  It might take a while. I may not see it in my flesh.  God always uses things and people that the world considers weak and foolish to accomplish his purposes.  He will again.

There will be no superstars.  There will be a growth spurt. Many who see the Black Community as lost will be shocked; all at once they will begin to represent a manifestation of the Body of Christ that looks like Jesus.  It will destroy some mega ministries, others will reboot, some will try to stay with the old ways..but there will be no hope.  God will have his way.  It won't look like it did.

Miracles, signs, wonders, visions, healing, deliverance, the prophetic, supernatural wisdom, understanding, knowledge from the Spirit of God, fresh discernment and a love of one another that supersedes not only race but class and culture.

Some will be left behind as God moves.  They will wonder what happened.  There will come a division that separates those devoted to HIM and those who have other motives.  It will be like Azusa street, a simple man like William Seymour will open the heavens.   Once again the flow will come from those most unlikely.  Not from Seminaries, not from deep theologians, but from those of simple profound faith in the Father. 

Much of that which is easily identified as foolishness will be cast aside.  Oh certainly there will be some who have a form of Godliness.. but powerless.   Those fellowships will die a needful death.

When you see people standing strong, independent, without needing anything from anyone but God.. you will know.  When the amount left on your SNAP card is insignificant because you don't need it any more; When the AFDC check isn't needed anymore because sufficiency has come, you will know.  This will transform a community that only the truth can set free.  The lies of the enemy will be crushed as the strongholds are destroyed.  It will be painful but essential.  God's best is a should be that is not yet the reality.  A tearing away from a broken culture will be painful.

There will be no true revival without a deep change of hearts that crushes the poverty mentality, gangs, violence, sexual perversion, unformed families, fatherless children of unwed mothers and damaged marriages that currently are hallmarks those on the outside see.

This will be a struggle, but without the change of hearts, there will be no continuing revival.  Hunger will cause many to long for more of God rather than accepting a less than ideal status quo.  When revival begins, hearts will change and then revival will accelerate.  Revival, Changed Hearts, more Revival, More Changed Hearts and on and on...

After it has come to it's fullness what we see today in the community will be unrecognizable.  It might take a generation, maybe two, but God is not going to allow this to continue.  He will not suffer the people destined to be the root from which new life emerges to stay as it is now. 

There will be a time when it is darkest before the dawn.  It is not yet.  The enemy wants to make it seem impossible. He wants to counterfeit by using programs, government and politics to accomplish what only HE can do. 

God will not be mocked by evil men for long.. HE will have his way and there is a people who will have their day... and it will be glorious.  I have wondered if this won't come from Africa as African Missionaries, from Nigeria perhaps, come and speak truth to the powers of the underworld.  I have spoken to my Nigerian friends about this.  IF so, come and help us.  Help us find peace and rest where unrest is the image most have today.

Prepare your hearts for change.. revival is an inside out event.  You then the church, then the neighborhood, then the community, then the nation, then the world.  Azusa is a meaningful word prophetically:  A-Z (beginning and the end, alpha and omega, First and Last) USA = AZUSA

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

i see more spirit flow in the african american churches than anywhere.i believe your on to something prophetically here for sure thanks..

denise g.