Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keeping things in Prophetic Perspective

Being exalted by others in itself is not a bad thing. Not being able to handle people's exaltation is a bad thing. Jesus was able to deal with the demands of the crowd, the constant fawning, the trying to make him an earthly King. He knew what his mission is and focused on that. He didn't give into temptations.

You and I are not so gifted. We can fight against it. We can pretend that it doesn't bother us that people think we are something. We can take the titles and adulation and think they won't become US.

We fool ourselves. We start to expect that people should KNOW instinctively that we are are a mighty man or woman of God walking in all kinds of authority.

We start to think we should get preferential treatment. The fact that people continue seek us out makes us believe we are unique. The devil loves the fact that we might actually believe this. He can really set us up for a fall when we start to believe our own press releases.

When that times comes, kneel down to help a child, sit and pray with a homeless one, wash someone's feet (metaphorically) enter into a world where no one knows who you are. You can remain pure and unspoiled as you do.

Be generous with your time and energies, spend them on people who can pay you nothing. Who don't even know who you are. Stay humble. Stay contrite. Then God can use you.

Sometimes when the Lord has told me something and then it comes to pass I want to say something. After I have gone to the person for whom the Prophecy was intended, I don't dare reveal what or who I told what the Lord was about to do in their lives. It's really hard, I would love to shout it from the rooftops and say, "LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE".

The problem is people think it comes from a man, the prophet. NO, It's the Lord's work. Not mine. This week two different prophetic things I gave people who are leaders have come to pass. They know who they are. They know it happened just as He said it would.

If there is one thing I want you to know, it's not the Prophet, I'm just a messenger boy. The trick is being open to hear and relay accurately. Someone said about me to someone else, "Here, talk to him, he's a real prophet". I was sorta offended. We need prophets. Lots of prophets. Not one man shows. More Lord, More.

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propheticfire/ D. gansmann said...

ok heres the challenge speaking prophecy when your rejected.
yeah we need do just that gene is minister to the others in need around us with no recognition. i agree. ty