Friday, December 28, 2018

Word of the Lord for 2019

2019 will be a year of reset; One where you will find new foundations.  It will be a time when those things which seemed to be solid will be shown to be unstable, and at the same time new paradigms of stability will emerge. 

They will be in your finances.  Things you thought you could count on will be shown to be less reliable yet at the same time new sources and transfers to you will take place from places you did not even know of in the past.  A new reliance on provision from God will pay bigger dividends than any stock market.

You will make new connections in the year to come.  Some of the old will have to fade away as you position yourself for the coming season.  Not all old connections will have to be severed; some will provide stability in the days to come.  There are however a few that the Lord will tell you of that need to end.  Make no enemies, burn no bridges but as doors close you will find new peace.

There are new opportunities emerging as you face the year to come. Much comes because the landscape is changing.  Look at the year just past. You never imagined finding yourself where you are today and now look.. it’s not stopping. 

There is an assignment for the Child of God.  It’s not what you always thought.  It’s not designed to give you new visibility, it is an undercover assignment.  It is one that will provide breakthrough for others as you breakthrough to a new level in ministry.   The changes taking place are also happening in the old wineskin ministries and churches.  The evolving restructure is accelerating.  Many will despair for the loss of what they thought was the serving God programs as they are replaced by more effective and more efficient ways. 

Here are some things to watch for in 2019 that are clues to restructuring:

North Korea and the USA will make progress towards the peace and reunification, but it will be choppy.  Do not despair.

Europe is going to go thru a very difficult time.  There will be a near breakup of the EU.  Yet it will hold for a while yet.  The economy of Europe which has been dependent on high social costs and high taxes will come under a significant assault.  There is no turning this back.  This must result in a new approach.  The old guard will resist. 

The Middle East including Syria will become more stable.  Not as many had hoped.  Evil will once again manifest. ISIS will raise its head again and again and as many times will fail to do more than guerilla terror.  Iraq will become a new stability center.  Iran is under great pressure and in the year to come there will be rebellion in the streets to a new level.  It will not result in regime change.. yet.  But it will be a step.  Israel will continue to be a flashpoint.  Netanyahu will survive but just.  Europe will engage more in the middle east than it has in the past. 

China will become more belligerent than it has been in the past.  Even though there seems to be “Peace Talks” over trade and commerce, they will become more militaristic.  There are forces in China who advocate for outright war with the USA.  Of nations on the earth the antichrist forces in China are the most dangerous.  There will be brinkmanship on both sides, the US and China.  Even when the trade issues are resolved our relationship which was never real will have been damaged.

Many of the other eastern nations will catch cold when China sneezes.  Japan is vulnerable.  So is Korea. They have trade to be concerned about and a friendlier China is the key. Watch for China as they try to revise a corrupted commerce system.  It won’t go away easily.

Africa will continue to be the dark continent.  Sadly.  Only a commitment to reformation can save them now.  Small steps are not taking them anywhere.

South America, particularly Brazil will remake US agriculture.  As South American countries remake their economies, the loser will be US commodities.  Even though the strong dollar will weaken in 2019, leading to nominally higher commodity prices, they will not hold.  Venezuela will not recover in 2019.  That will happen in 2020.  It will be a bloody battle but one that is essential.  Only by the blood of patriots is a nation redeemed from tyranny.  Central America is lost.  Most of Mexico is lost.  The thugocracy of gangs and drugs holds those nations in bondage.  Columbia won much of that war.  So can central America and Mexico IF as Columbia did, IF they have the will. 

Russia despite its braggadocios will continue to be a thorn but not a stab in the side of the USA.  They will declare, intervene and try to re-establish themselves as global leaders.  What will become clear to the world however is other than on a regional basis, Russia is a paper tiger.  It tried to establish a beachhead with Iran, with Venezuela, with Cuba and now in Syria.  These interventions as they have for the USA will only drain them of needed blood of young men and treasure.  The controlled economy and strong arm leadership of Putin while supported by most Russians will become its undoing.  There will not be another revolution, but a challenge for real to the Putin regime will emerge.  I fear for his well being, but he will show himself.

The USA will see greater volatility in every sector of economy and sociology.  The old guard is gone there too.  Control that they had is being destroyed a little at a time.  The result will be opportunity and danger.  The mask is taken off the evils in the USA.  People are waking up to what is happening.  Those who prospered by fueling hate will find themselves on the sidelines.  The lies that are being told every day by 24 hour news channels will be exposed.  There is a powerful evil force at work to recapture the status these enterprises once had.  The enslavement of people’s minds is at stake.  We don’t know how bad it will be.  But it will be rough.  This demon will not go without shrieking and accusation. 

A few things you can watch for in 2019.  There will be an attempt to impeach the President.  Nothing will happen.  The long awaited report from Mueller will be released in the first quarter.  One side will read it as an indictment and the other will see it as exoneration.  Both will be wrong.  There will be damage.. but not enough to matter long run. 

President Trump will suffer a physical setback.  I see it above the neck.  Brain, eye, ear something.  Not heart.  There is an attack on his body.  He doesn’t help it by burning the candle at both ends.

By the end of 2019 as the 2020 Presidential elections loom.. there will emerge 3 to oppose Trump who will brutalize each other.  Disunity will reign.  One woman two men. 

The earth’s groaning will intensify.  The sons of God are not yet manifest to speak to the storms.   Therefore the storms will continue.  They are in fact not worse than before, they are simply the result of normal changes.  Things here are changing as well and that will result in a reset of assumptions.  These things will offer new opportunities.

I see an economy that will result in highest highs by the 3rd quarter of the year.  Despite all the hand wringing, a 27000 DJIA is on the horizon.  This is because as interest rates stay steady and they will, as commodity prices recover some, as business formation and restructuring intensifies we will see new highs.  Plus at the same time much of the rest of the world is looking for a safe haven and the US economy and its markets it the port in the storm many look for.

A few visions of social structures

Public Education will continue to be exposed for the damage it is doing and the great cost it exacts.  Challenges from every side from kindergarten thru higher education will erode its influence.  Eventually the old ways will have to die.

Entertainment and media will calm down.  There has been a rash of simply evil output by many anti culture influences.  They have to this date mostly failed. What is not failing is the influence that goodness in movies, TV and music as it is produces.  The returns from such things are being shown for good.  One cesspool of evil in all this remains Disney.  That too will be exposed in 2019 even to the pagan.

The giant has been awakened; it is now understood by many on both sides of the political spectrum that local and regional governance matters.  This will mean that taking your place in this must be your portion. 

Last the Church.  Church as we knew it 40 years ago is dead.  I mourn the loss.  But it’s undeniable.  Yet new church forms are taking their place.  They are becoming what the heart of God looked for.  In the next year the trajectory will accelerate.  Some will stumble, but those who build on solid ground will find that the place in the visible kingdom is theirs. 

Here’s the truth about the year to come.  The Kingdom of God is Expanding, Jesus is on His Throne and we can expect great things.. even if they aren’t what we thought.

2019 will be a year of New Foundations. 

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