Monday, October 15, 2018

The mark of the Beast may be Facebook

I don't necessarily embrace all there is to know about the whole end times theology, I do pay attention to trends. 

Facebook seems to see itself as the arbiter of wisdom and is trying hard to control people's thinking.

That is a beast mark. 

So when I recently was banned from the site for what they said was inflammatory hate speak, (I criticized a muslin court for sentencing a young christian woman to hang for drinking from the same cup as Muslims). 

That got me banned.  How long I don't know. But it does lead one to wonder, how much of our lives is constrained by the constant restrain of thinking.

I won't cite 1984, Brave New World or Farenhiet 451, yet there is instruction to be had by thinking about these things.

Prophetically, it is important not to allow world systems cause us to become silent.  We must cry aloud and spare not... even in the face of the enemy of our souls rage against us.

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